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8 Incredible dog artists you should be following on Instagram

As a dog photographer, I clearly love taking photos of dogs. But I also appreciate (and love) seeing dogs in other mediums. In fact, I have a few portraits of my own dog, Oskar, hanging in my home done by fabulous artists.

These 8 incredible dog artists are exceptionally talented at showcasing a dog through their paintbrush, pencils, or computer mouse. They’re total masters of fur and expression, making the viewer connect even with dogs that don’t even belong to them!

Here are my favorites that you absolutely should be following on Instagram:

I absolutely love Mary’s work - she’s even done a portrait of Oskar that now hangs in my office. Her portraits offer impressive detail and total charm. She brings to life everything from your dog’s personality to their fur in beautiful detail.


Emily offers beautifully detailed and unique portraits that truly capture each dog in all his glory. Her medium is colored pencils and graphite/ink. She has also done a piece for me of Oskar that truly blew me away. She’s also the owner of Cooper of @notso_mini_cooper!

Janah’s watercolors feature dogs she spots while out and about. Each one brings as much as delight as you would get spotting these dogs IRL. Her feed is so fun as every post showcases a new dog in all its glory.

It is no exaggeration when I say this UK artist will blow your mind. Her art is so insanely detailed that you’ll think it’s a photograph. You’ll especially love her side-by-side posts with the inspiration photo and her drawing (good luck finding where the two meet!).

When you imagine watercolor and oil portraits, Nadi’s work should come to mind. It combines quintessential beauty with charm to bring life to every pet. With just a glance, her work will make you feel like you already know these dogs.

In a word, Cindy’s work is simply delightful. I’m mesmerized whenever I watch her timelapse creations and her feed is filled with interesting pieces of new work, timelapses, and progression images. She also does all this with her adorable dog on her lap!

Robert’s work was probably my first interaction with dogs in art. I even commissioned him for a portrait a few years ago! You’ll instantly fall in love with each post and perhaps order your own (or go for his adorable greeting cards!).

Totally unique and eye-catching, these portraits are unlike any other on your feed. The poly designs of each dog (or cat!) capture the unique details of your pet. Want your own? Head to their Etsy shop and submit your favorite photo of your dog!

Give all these accounts a look, a like, or a follow to add some creativity to your Instagram feed! Which one is your favorite?

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