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The Adventure Session celebrates everything you love about your dog. After picking a location for the session, we embark on a journey as your dog explores, sniffs, and discovers.

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I’ll work with your dog to capture everything you love about your best friend, from big ears to expressive eyebrows, fluffy tails to an inquisitive stare. 

We’ll stop at some top spots for posed photos but also incorporate plenty of candids to showcase your dog’s personality. For your dog, it’s just one big adventure.

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Whether your dog loves to play fetch, bask in the sun, or stay by your side, we’ll capture it all.


Your dog is in good hands. Man's best friend communicates through body language. And from the moment I meet your dog, I'm observing, watching, and doing everything I can to keep your dog as happy, inquisitive, and confident as can be. 

With extensive experience with dogs of all breeds, ages, backgrounds, and personalities, no dog is too           (hyper, barky, untrained, zoomy, crazy, wild, etc.) for me and my camera.


 You'll have access to an online viewing gallery where you can make selections for your digital files and products. You can create different lists within the gallery to organize the photos for planning a wall display or arranging them for the perfect album.

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  • What if my dog doesn’t like the camera?
    I allow for time at the start every session to let your dog get to know me and vice versa. This includes sniffing any camera gear and equipment. We’ll only proceed once we know your dog is happy and comfortable.
  • What if my dog won't sit still?
    Along with getting to know each other, I use the beginning of the session to do some positive reinforcement training to help with basic posing.
  • My dog can’t be off leash. Can we still do photos?
    Absolutely! The #1 requirement for the session is that your dog is happy and safe. We’ll work at your dog’s pace whether that’s on leash or off.
  • What happens if the weather is bad?
    Simple: we’ll reschedule to a time that works for you, me, and your dog.
  • Can I be in the photos?
    YES! I highly encourage all owners and present family members to join in to celebrate your bond.
  • Which locations do you use?
    It depends on the dog! I have a variety of pre-scouted locations or we can use a place you have in mind.
  • What should I wear?
    All of my sessions are outside and most of my locations are by the water. I recommend dressing for the weather and terrain, but stick to gray, navy, black, white, khaki, forest green, and similar colors.
  • What time do you schedule sessions?
    I always prefer the light during a golden hour and typically schedule sessions to start just before.
  • Should I feed my dog less before the session?
    No need! I want your dog to feel his/her best. It's ideal to stick to your regular routine when it comes to feeding.
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