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Client Name(s): _______________________

Phone: ______________________________

Email: _______________________________

Session Date: __________________________

Location(s): ___________________________

Time: _______________________________

Dog Name(s):___________________________

Dog Breed(s): ___________________________​

  • There is no fee for the Model Call Session. The session includes three free high-resolution files along with a complimentary leash from the product company, Ocaen Hound. Additional digital and physical products may be purchased. 


  • The Client gives the Photographer the right to use, print, and publish the images taken in the session for personal use including but not limited to, displaying on website and social media sites, advertising, studio samples, editorial blog posts and entering into competitions.


  • A set time, date, and location will be scheduled for the session that suits both Photographer and Client. If the client fails to appear for the session at the scheduled time, the Photographer has the right to not reschedule.


  • The Client shall assist the Photographer in obtaining the desired photographs, including but not limited to specifying persons and/or scenes to be photographed; taking time to pose the photographs at the Photographer's direction, etc. The Photographer shall not be responsible for photographs not taken as a result of Client's failure to provide reasonable assistance, cooperation and communication.


  • The Client represents the pet at the session and ensures the animal has not been exposed to rabies, distemper, nor has been ill with a communicable disease within 60 days of the session.


  • The Client assumes all responsibility for their pet. The Client is solely responsible for maintaining the safety and health of the pet during the session. If the pet harms, bites, or spreads illness to any other pet or human, the Client is responsible. The Client understands that accidental yet minor injuries are possible when playing and exploring. Ashley Timms Photography is not responsible for any injuries as the result of the pet or environment of the session.


  • The Photographer retains copyright to all photographs. Client may not sell the photos in print or digital format for profit. Client must have written consent from the Photographer if they would like permission to enter photos into any sort of competition, advertisement, or any other 3rd party use including but not limited to online photo contests.


  • Client may not copy, screenshot, edit, or reproduce any photos shared by the Photographer in client galleries or social media sites, including Facebook. Clients may not screenshot photos shared via social media, however; they may share the original post to their social media sites or their own digital file. Sharing on social media must tag or mention Ashley Timms Photography. Digital files may not be edited or changed in any way. This includes cropping, the use of filters, changes in contrast/exposure, in-app edits, or any other manipulation.

  • In the unlikely event that the Photographer is injured or becomes ill, or has an extreme emergency that prevents her from photographing the event, the Photographer will make every effort to reschedule the event at a time that is convenient for both Photographer and Client.


  • The Photographer will edit the best photos from the session and present the final edited gallery to the Client up to 4 weeks and no later than 6 weeks after the session date. It is the sole decision of the Photographer which photos she chooses to professionally edit from the session.


I, the Client have read and fully understand the contract stated above. My signature is binding by law. Please sign:

Sign: _______________________________                 Date: _________________

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