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My dog can’t be off leash - can we still take photos?

I recently uploaded a set of before and after photos to my Instagram story:

Moose & Roo at Van Zandt Pier in Newport

Soon after, I was received a lot of messages from people saying they had no idea the dogs in my final photos were actually on leashes. I realized then that my photos really don’t make it obvious - there’s not a leash in sight.

To answer your question: absolutely. Your dog can definitely do a full photo session with a leash. My number one goal for every session is that your dog is happy. If that means they stay on leash for their safety, then that’s what we do.

Tuukka giving me his best head tilt

Along with dogs who tend to run off, I often have my sessions in areas where it’s unsafe for the dog to be off-leash, such as downtown Newport. Rather than risk their running into the road or pedestrians, we keep the dog on leash so everyone has peace of mind.

Greyson giving me his best puppy dog eyes

Of course, a leash doesn’t stop us! We can use the leash you have or my long line 30-foot leash. No matter your dog’s pace or needs, we’ll capture fantastic photos that you’ll love for a lifetime.

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